Well, ViX & her MsChiefs had a flying start in spring 2014!

Basically, I woke up with an epiphany; I was going to form another all-girl band! I had the exact aural ‘vision’ in my head and therefore the instruments that would be required. I even had the exact personalities and look of the members formed in my mind: a 4-piece all-girl Americana band!

It was as though I had painted a picture somewhere in the ether and I was going to bring it to life – within a week. I do like to put myself in these ‘impossible’ situations! (This may not sound like that big a deal, but if you’ve ever tried to form a band with BLOKES in within a week, it’s highly unlikely, let alone a band with GIRLS in it! Gasp!) But in my mind, it was already done.

Right… I’ll be on lead vocals and ukulele, so that was my 1st member sorted!


So… I wanted cajon, guitar, ukulele: I had already worked with Mimi (Michelle Dawes) on a couple of Educate and Celebrate events where we’d got on well. I loved her supercool, chilled-out vibe and I just knew we’d end up working together in the future, so she was my first port of call. I contacted Mimi on Facebook, we met up, had a chat and jammed some tunes over tea & biccies (rock and roll!) and I had my 2nd member!

Mimi: Cajon/Guitar – TICK!



Next… I wanted violin: I somehow had a feeling that fellow musician, Ben Smith, would have the answers here, and he did! He recommended Nemi (Emily Scott). I contacted her on Facebook, she came over to meet Mimi & I. I loved her fizzy, dizzy energy straight away! We had a chat and a jam over tea & biccies and I had my 3rd member!

Nemi: Violin – TICK!


Finally… I wanted double bass: This was a no-brainer. I knew who I wanted, but presumed she’d be too busy to be interested. I tried a more subtle and sneaky tactic this time. I put out a Facebook status saying that I was looking for a double bass player and DING! Up popped Bexx (Becky Barker) and asked me to get in touch! Bexx and I had known each other since 2006 when my mate Ginger (Wildhearts) had recommended her for my second all-girl band ‘ViX n The Kix’. She’d also depped for Sarah Firebrand in the 2010 Fuzzbox reunion tour on occasion. Not only was she one of the best musicians I’d come across, male or female, Bexx was a beautiful person inside and out and I loved her company. So Bexx came over to meet Mimi, Nemi and me; we had a chat and a jam over tea & biccies and I had my 4th and final member!

Bexx: Double Bass – TICK!


Ta-dah! A band in a week as planned. Job done!


And that was just the beginning…

P.S. I guess I should say a big ‘Thank You’ to Facebook (I don’t always like everything about you Facebook, but on this occasion, you were certainly rather useful, so for that, I am extremely grateful!).